Oct 25, 2022

  • CosmWasm Developer
  • South Dakota
Full time Engineering

Personal summary

Built a functioning directory service in CosmWasm to serve as a decentralized Wikipedia, it is live on Juno Testnet https://github.com/tacolopo/allthoughts/tree/main/rome_contract

Commits in cosmos/gaia, CosmWasm/cw-template, Callum-A/cosmwasm-zero-to-hero, 0xriku/rust-cargo-cheatsheet, osmosis-labs/docs, cosmology-tech/cosmos-kit, ovrclk/awesome-akash, InterWasm/docs, cosmos/chain-registry, cosmos/sdk-tutorials, ovrclk/docs, and maxmaxlabs/cloudmos-deploy

Work experience

Jan 2021 - Jan 2022 Moultrie Cryptography

At Moultrie Cryptography I have created shell scripts, which are put into python programs, for their Audit Academy. I help to maintain their validator, ranked 42 in the active Akash set, and we have 100% uptime. I also designed their current website and aid prospective clients in the onboarding process. My experience developing their education and documentation program overlaps with ixo's mission to create simple and elegant software, and my experience on a Web3 team attests to ability to work in small groups in the industry.

Jan 2022 - Atlas DAO

I worked for Jacob Remy, the founder of Atlas DAO, in moving his website over to Akash and helping his team launch a Stargaze validator. This involves knowledge of docker and Stacked Definition Language. I also wrote him programs to tether his validator to holders of his NFT projects, so that they could share in the commission when the functions were called.


A+ Certified
- Dec 2020 CompTIA
IT Support Certificate
- Jan 2021 Google
- Oct 2022 CosmWasm Academy
Aug 2022 - Oct 2022 Web3 Builders Alliance