Oct 12, 2022

Pablo Estrada

  • Full Stack Developer & Tech Lead (Python & Golang)
  • Guatemala City, 01010, GT
Full time Engineering

Personal summary

Software Engineer with 6.5+ years of experience excelling in highly collaborative work
environments, finding solutions to complex software challenges, and passionate about
architecture and design of complex backend systems. Pivoting recently into the blockchain industry after a successful completion of the Interchain Developer Academy program.

Extensive experience building complex microservice & monolithic systems for several different
stake holders across the U.S and LATAM like: open source projects, high growth tech companies
in the AI, Goverment, EdTech and Consumer industries. Special interests in the Blockchain
industry, specifically in tools for application specific blockchains and developer tools for building
the web3 ecosystem.

Work experience

Software Engineer
Jun 2020 - Diffgram

Lead creation of open source project at https://github.com/diffgram/diffgram.

  • Managed and executed new features based on product
    roadmap and open source community discussions.
  • Architected and implemented workflow management system similar to
    Github actions using event driven architectures that incremented
    annotations processes speed in more than 2x.
  • Main lead in the technology strategy & implementation, optimized
    existing systems, designed more than 4 new services and software
    development processes.
  • Optimized a video pre processing engine to allow for the ingestion of
    30GB+ videos to support video annotation in 4K by doing parallel frame
Lead Senior Backend Engineer (Golang)
Jan 2016 - Oct 2022 Exeboard LLC
  • Leading tech stack definition and software architecture as well as
    creation for new versions of product.
  • Migrated NodeJS monolith into a Microservice architecture with Golang
    reducing number of bugs in monitoring system by 30%.
  • Added Kafka as message broker across microservices for
    communication which allowed processing of 1000+ of notifications per
  • Refactored Backend Services in Golang for better scalability and
    maintainability with Microservices Architectures.
  • Defined new standards for unit testing and overall QA for the team,
    getting test coverage to an average of 85% on backend services.
    Contributed ideas and suggestions in team meetings with Cofounder's
    and Product Owners and delivered updates on deadlines, designs and
Full Stack Developer & Board Member
Oct 2016 - Edoo, Guatemala
  • Guided developers and performance engineers. Enhanced
    supportability, identified performance bottlenecks on reporting systems
    and optimized database queries as well as queue implementations for
    CPU intensive processes with Redis Django and PostreSQL.
  • Developed core features of products that have grown to more than
    50,000 active users in 2 years using techonolgies like React, Redux,
    Django, Docker, Elastic Search and Redis
  • Redesign Reporting System to reduce report generation times from
    3mins to less than 3 seconds using CQRS design patterns and better
    caching systems.
Flask and Backend Developer
Nov 2020 - Nov 2020 Monad, Guatemala, Guatemala

Monad is a cutting-edge technology consultancy and innovation firm that
VueJS specializes in creating solutions through the lens of a #user-centric design
approach; ensuring simple and efficient solutions for our clients through
Very Good
tailor-made products and services.
Cosmos SDK
Collaborated in development of several consulting mandates and
Good projects for more than 10 clients across Europe, North America, and Latin America.
Developed solutions using React+Redux and Django for projects in Fashion Industry, Goverment, Education and Finance Industry, using AWS
Software Infrastructure (RDS, EC-2, S3 and CloudFront)
Created Web Applications and Rest API's using Django/Flask and Backend Developer worked on consulting projects to optimize Querysets and overall system
performance to allow querying on multi million rows databases.


Jul 2022 - Interchain Developer Academy
Bachelor of Science - Computer Science
Jan 2012 - Dec 2016 Universidad Del Valle De Guatemala