Sep 16, 2022

Andrus Salumets

  • Software Engineer
  • Estonia
Full time Engineering

Personal summary

Years of experience have tough me how to understand complex problems and find effective solutions. I feelcomfortable with different architecture styles, algorithms, design patterns.

I continuously keep myself up to date with new developments in industry and improve my theoretical foundation. Recently it's heavily focused to solutions related to blockchain.

My main languages have been Java, Javascript/Typescript and Rust. couple of years Kotlin and Clojure. I also have some experience with Go and NodeJs.

I have participated in many projects which involve distributed systems, mainly in terms of microservice

I spend my free time learning about blockchain technology and its ecosystem. This includes distributed systems, consensus protocols, smarts contracts, cryptography, web3 development toolkits and frameworks. I finished Cosmos Interchain Developer Academy and few other Web3 learning paths to find a ways for some practical experience.

Work experience

Software Engineer
Dec 2016 - Dec 2021 Software Engineer

I was one of the first developers in the company, therefore heavily involved in architecture and design.
We were implementing the base architecture and infrastructure for the future platform.

Later, my focus shifted more to crypto payments system, connecting to crypto nodes for reading and writing transactions regarding all the deposits and withdrawals in the system. We run our own local
Bitcoin, Ethereum etc nodes.

One of the first products I built was BIP-39 based wallet. It taught me a lot about underlying technology and related cryptographic primitives.

In addition to above, my job also included implementing or improving trading related services, user
account management etc.

Also I spent much time for data processing - generating regulatory reports for FCA.

We used Java, Kotlin, Rust, Kafka, Kubernetes and AWS as our main tools.

Software Engineer
Jul 2016 - Nov 2016 Gametech UK Limited

Shortly worked for a mobile app of sports betting game backend.

Principal Software Engineer
Jul 2015 - Jun 2016 Oracle

I was part of Oracle team building Continuous Delivery and Deployment cloud platform.

It included designing and implementing orchestration system for different deployment scenarios. Our
main language was Clojure.

Senior Java Developer
May 2013 - Jul 2015 Playtech

Our core component was low latency high throughput in-house Java Nio gaming server which was in the heart of the all request/response data flow to handle diverse players activity. From game interaction to account management.

Around it we built other services to digest and process this data.

Senior developer
Apr 2005 - May 2013 Nortal

My work was to implement eCommerce platforms based on Java tools and frameworks.

I worked as full stack developer for classical 3 layered architecture: fronted, middle ware, database and integration with remote services providers.


Information Technology
Jan 2002 - Jan 2006 University of Tartu