Oct 26, 2023

Fode Diop

  • Developer Relations / Advocate
  • Dakar, Sénégal
Full time Developer Relations

Personal summary

I am a highly skilled and passionate Full Stack Data Scientist with a strong background in programming and blockchain technology. With a focus on cybersecurity and smart contract development, I have successfully contributed to various projects and achieved notable recognition, including winning the Ethereum Denver 2023 and Hack Mobility 2019 Hackathons. I am fluent in multiple programming languages and have extensive experience with tools such as Linux, SQL, and AWS. I am seeking a challenging role where I can utilize my expertise in data science and blockchain to drive innovation and make a significant impact.


  • Programming Languages: Rust, Golang, Python, Typescript, Solidity & CosmWasm
  • Tools: Linux, SQL, Shell Scripting, Docker, AWS & Machine Learning
  • Blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, CosmosSDK, Tendermint, IBC, Wormhole

Licenses and certifications

  • Google Cybersecurity Certificate - Completed June 19th, 2023

Awards and achievements

  • Winner Ethereum Denver 2023 - General Message Passing Category
  • Hack Mobility 2019 Hackathon Winner: Bitcoin Lightning Powered Rideshare - Building Litrides on the Lightning Network

Work experience

Solutions Engineer / Dev Rel
Jan 2023 - Oct 2023 Mamoru.ai

- Onboard new developers and clients to the Mamoru Web3 SIEM and SOAR

Developer Advocate
Dec 2021 - Jan 2023 Wormhole

- Contributed to the official documentation - Onboarded new developers to the Wormhole Protocol


Full Stack Machine Learning
Dakar Institute of Technology, Dakar Sénégal
Full Stack Javascript Bootcamp
Learners Guild, Oakland CA