Mar 20, 2023

  • Senior Web3 Backend Engineer
  • Rennes, France
Full time Engineering

Personal summary

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Over 20 years of working in the software development industry, I have matured my engineering profile as a researcher, tech expert, team leader and software architect at all back and front levels.

I have many experiences in production-grade backend services engineering for large product suites and customer delivery projects: from data models, protocols (p2p, consensus, RPC, so many), on-chain contracts (EVM, Solidity, Ethers.js, Hardhat, Tenderly; CosmWasm, Rust, IBC), Web SDKs (TS/JS, npm, redux, Ajax, gRPC), RESTful APIs (Express, Nest; Spring Boot, MVC, Hibernate, Swagger/OpenAPI; DDD; GraphQL; OAuth, JWT, PKI, ACL, RBAC), multi-tenant scaling microservices (Docker, Kubernetes, EDA with Kafka, Istio service mesh, Nginx), cloud hosting platforms & their services (AWS, Azure; Terraform; API gateway, load balancers), serverless architectures (Functions, EventsGrid) and cloud-based storage (MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, S3 & EBS, IPFS). I am used to work in DevSecOps contexts (Jenkins, Github actions, GitLab flows, Sonar, Snyk), a.k.a. short, iterative, automated and continuous code-test-secure-deploy-release processes.

I am also proficient in Web client implementation (React.js, Sass, Node.js, Typescript), hybrid mobile apps (Android & Apple, Flutter, webview, push notifications, hooks), in integrating user analytic, building SDK libraries, as well as developing low-/no-code content authoring frameworks.

I am a pragmatic problem solver having great analytical skills to quickly adapt to business requirements and tackle technical challenges. I am engaged and authentic, always keen to learn, willing to contribute to the Web3 space in a highly professional manner.

Work experience

Blockchain Development Engineer
Dec 2022 - Contractor Full Remote

Building the Web3 stack and services: blockchain-related protocols, tools & dApps

I have created a legal structure to join organizations building Web3-related services. My service offer is based on my skills & experience: software development, integrations, architecture and/or team lead.

Certified in March 2023 by the Interchain Developer Academy, a 7 weeks long training: VFT, Cosmos SDK, Web UI & CosmJS, IBC, dApps.

In 2022 I have worked on the NFT marketplace: Perf optimizations; arch and plan for migrating towards AKS-based micro-services; mobile Web client; GDPR compliance; user contents recommendation (design).

ETHOnline 2022 hackathon: I won 3 partner prizes for the Bounty Granter dApp on Ethereum L2s, over 360 submitted projects. On-chain automated projects funding from contract-based acceptance criteria, verified by DAO reviewers & oracles.

Chainlink Spring 21 hackathon: build of an off-chain relayer of oracle data towards Secret contracts (Cosmos L1).

Software Architect & Development Manager
Jun 2010 - Nov 2022 @ Amdocs

Care & Commerce Digital Services - From expertise to management

Development team manager and software architect in a large B2B2C software edition company, working across multiple international sites and team cultures.

o Responsible for the implementation of Care & Commerce solutions (Web UIs & MSs on Azure/AWS) for major communication services provider like Telefonica, AT&T, Comcast, Vodafone. Handler of products & customer projects: solution architecture, lead, implementation, integration and L3 support

o Committed to meet the timelines & quality standards of deliveries, in the context of fast-moving project priorities, in which teams must quickly onboard and excel. Initiate and lead closed collaborations with product, delivery, support, management and customer teams. Estimate dev costs, prioritize, plan and manage projects' activities, risks & resource allocations. Participate to the definition of products roadmap and commercial deals: answer to calls for tender, PoC/MVP implementations; push for key changes, features & critical improvements

o Manage collaborators: recruitment, administrative support, follow-through, training plans and coaching. 3 to 5 internals and up to 12 contractors on site, in addition to remote team members in EU, India, US and Israel. I strongly support agile & DevOps processes, any best practices for automating and enhancing team members' awareness, engagement, collaboration & productivity

Prior to my manager and architect roles, for 4 years I was team lead and technical expert for the design & development of new [mobile] Web applications. Scrum master, head of A-Teams (up to 3, 3-6 people each) weighting in sensitive products and customer delivery projects.

My first 2 years in Amdocs I was backend development engineer, working on R&D cloud-enabled products. Design, migrate and implement innovative solutions: scalable services for web and hybrid mobile applications.

Backend Development Engineer
Jun 2007 - May 2010 @ Streamezzo, Rennes France

R&D Server team. Development of client-server solutions for creating and running mobile applications

Development of dedicated back-end services and connectors to CSPs. Development of the solution: IDE,
languages and compilers, data services, mobile apps provisioning, encoding of interactive video streams.

Participated in CSP customer projects: Samsung EU & RU ecommerce apps, DVB-H pilots in S. Korea; Beijing 2008 OG VoD app for CT. L2-L3 partners support: IT, software evolutions. 3rd party integration: contents, billing, advertising, analytics.

Handling of products continuous integration: automated build, test & release processes.

Research Engineer
Mar 2003 - May 2007 @ Research Centre Henri Tudor - Luxemburg

Centre for IT Innovation. Development of multimedia applications for iTV & Web platforms

Design and implementation of a rendering framework for interactive multimedia contents. Knowledge
representation and computation with semantic languages. Responsible for projects' technical developments.

Publication of scientific papers and research presentations in international conferences.
Contributed to 3 European projects: iTV technologies; Personalized media in user-adaptive system; T-learning.

Projects' definition; organization representation; closed collaborations with industrial and academic EU partners.

P-member of the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11 standardization group: MPEG and AV coding technologies.

Software Engineer
Feb 2002 - Oct 2002 @ Capturama - La Réunion

End of Studies' Qualifying Period. Spin-off.

Design and implementation of Java software for processing motion captures and producing 3D interactive animations for the Web.

Specification of protocols for capturing human motions. Implementation of the data post-processing engine, the 3D scenes authoring tool & the Web client.


Master in Computer Sciences - Software Engineering
Sep 1998 - Sep 2002 UTC, France