Feb 08, 2023

Make a Referral

  • stakefish
  • Remote (Palo Alto, CA, USA)

Job description

Please use this job to refer someone you know to join the stakefish team! This doesn't have to be for a specific role and could just be because you think they'd be a great fit for our team.

Please ensure the person you are referring knows they are being referred and also, be sure to fill out all of the questions within this application page to ensure we can contact you both. All of the application questions will relate to the person you are referring other than the final three questions.


Proof of Stake blockchains have validators who create, propose, or vote on blocks to be added to the blockchain. These validators are required to run robust hardware that is online 24/7 with multiple security features in place. This is a lot of work, and that’s where we come in.

Always distributed.

Not only are our validator nodes and sentry nodes globally distributed, our team is as well! This guarantees that we have 24 hour coverage of our validator nodes. We can monitor and jump to address any issues that arise. We plan to keep our team in different locations of the world, so rest assured that someone from stakefish will always be watching over our nodes.

Join our decentralized team, to build a decentralized future.

We are building the infrastructure backbone of the blockchain ecosystem and paving the way to a decentralized future.

We are a truly global team!

We are digital nomads coming from more than 12 different countries, working from wherever we want. We have a collective mission, to provide meaningful services and bring a unique value to users within the crypto space.

We are looking for fun, curious, and committed individuals to swim with us!