Jan 18, 2023

Senior Distributed Systems Engineer

  • Skip Protocol
  • New York, NY, USA
Full time Engineering

Job description


  • Architect, build, and own Skip’s low-latency, high-availability server and node infrastructure (known as the “Sentinel”)
  • Define and optimize the interface through which the Skip’s servers can communicate with many validator clients simultaneously on different blockchains
  • Collaborate with researchers at Skip and elsewhere to prototype and implement novel incentivized IBC relayer infrastructure to enable-cross chain atomic transactions safely
  • Contribute to high-level strategic and technical decisions regarding the product roadmap, tech stack, and engineering practices


Required Experience

  • 2+ years developing production code in Go, Rust, or C++ (or similar)
  • Experience building applications with gRPC and related technologies
  • Cloud-native application development experience and familiarity with relevant technologies (e.g. Docker, K8S, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Prometheus, Linux/Unix)
  • Experience deploying software with at least one major public cloud service provider (AWS, GCP, or Azure)
  • Demonstrated ability to design and productionize performant distributed systems with many nodes


  • Experience building, maintaining, or modifying validators and/or IBC relayer infrastructure
  • History of contributing to or developing with Tendermint, Cosmos-SDK, and IBC
  • Understanding of MEV or experience implementing MEV strategies or deploying related infrastructure
  • Experience building low latency applications, especially in trading contexts

Who we are

📌 Skip is building sovereign MEV products for Tendermint blockchains (the Cosmos ecosystem, Celestia, BSC, Polygon, Polkadot) to advance the security and financial sustainability of crypto markets. We’re dedicated to building tools and infrastructure to create healthy and expressive blockspace markets

We’re a seed-stage company based in NYC, and we’re looking to build out our core team.

We’d like the core team and senior talent to work together in person in NYC to build a collaborative and supportive culture. But we’re open to hiring best-in-class remote talent anywhere in the world.

Core team member responsibilities

  1. Work to solve hard technical problems at the cutting edge of blockchain research alongside the founders
  2. Be empowered to make bold technical and strategic decisions
  3. Play a critical role in determining the people we hire, our culture, our engineering practices, and the products we ship.

How we work

  1. We value ambition, work ethic, and slope over prestige, accomplishments, and y-intercept
  2. We value thoughtful and contentious dialogue over siloed and unilateral decision-making
  3. We value acknowledging uncertainty/weakness and seeking support over unabated confidence and solo performances
  4. We’re obsessive about documenting everything, learning, and shipping as fast as possible


🏋️ Gym membership

✈️ 18 days of paid leave

🧑‍⚕️ Premium health insurance

🏦 Competitive regional compensation and above-market equity ownership

📁 Office space, and accommodations for remote work

👉 We’re open to arranging paid work trials with potential hires because we think interviews give a very limited view of candidates and the company.


✅ Please email mag@skip.money and barry@skip.money with a resume and any additional information that might help us get to know you (Resume, github, background info) if interested!