What we are building

Sonr is building a blockchain ecosystem where users have full control over their digital identity, and developers are empowered to build peer-to-peer decentralized applications. The Sonr network is collectively made up of motor nodes, which act as clients and represent end-users, and highway nodes, the Sonr network’s servers for data transmission.

  • Real-time peer-to-peer network: To enable cross-device discovery, delivery, and transmission, Sonr leverages theLibP2P framework. With LibP2P nodes in the Sonr network can dial other nodes in the network to exchange messages using various transports, like QUIC, TCP, WebSocket, and Bluetooth. Nodes can run on any device, as a cloud service, mobile application or in the browser and talk to each other as long as they are connected on the Sonr network.
  • Verifiable user identity: Sonr enables verifiable on-chain identity via its decentralized-identity enabled blockchain. Access to this experience is unlocked via procurement of a .snr subdomain. This subdomain gives users one central point for gaining and granting access to user data.

This peer-to-peer network and identity-enabled blockchain combine to make up the user-owned internet experience that is Sonr.