Saving the planet is not impossible, just hard, but we've got this!

ixo is a blockchain project founded on the belief that we need to rapidly improve how we interact with each other and the planet. The main blocker has always been the fair and efficient allocation of funds to organisations that are making a real difference and tracking that they use it as promised.

"The ixo protocol defines a new open standard for producing verifiable claims about changes in the state of the world. Which are the basis for impact creators to mint non-fungible (NFT) Impact Tokens. The ixo protocol applies the latest decentralised web (W3C) standards for linked-data (JSON-LD), decentralised identifiers (DIDs), and verifiable credentials (VCs). We have created the Interchain Standard for next-generation non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and verifiable metadata." (Extract from the ixo whitepaper.)

There are a number of systems that have been built by the ixo team over the past few years: